Equipped to provide any type of surgical procedure.

Our operating rooms are fully equipped and ready for any surgical procedure reccommended by our specialists.

Surgical Unit
Offers four Operating Rooms, a Recovery Unit with invasive and non-invasive monitoring devices, laparoscopy and anesthesia, electrocautery, LigaSure, orthopedic table and all the instrumentation necessary to achieve the best surgical interventions.

Our primary mission is caring for your health and the health of your loved ones.

Offers ophisticated STORZ instrumentation. These digital camera devices come with automatic zoom that can be adjusted manually or automatically and include a thirty-liter insufflator for rapid flow response and a 19-inch plasma monitor, along with a transportation cart with a built-in extension arm for mobile plasma monitoring. NOVA type lightning.

Narkomed 2B with integrated pressure and oxygen monitors , ascending ventilator and digital spirometer with an Ohmeda monitor of 5 agents including CO2, O2 and three standard vaporizers.



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